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Laser Hair Removal Specialists


Bikini Line laser hair removal

No more nasty bumps and stubble in your most intimate areas! No worrying about whether or not your bikini line is free of hair when you put on a bikini to go to the beach, or to be concerned about stubble when lying in bed next to your loved one.

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Legs laser hair removal

Leg hair has always been a cosmetic concern among a lot of women especially in Spain and Gibraltar where thanks to our beautiful climate, legs are so often on show. We deliver results that you can only dream about. The hairs that grow on the legs are known to react very nicely to our laser hair removal system. Just imagine the feeling of permanent silky legs all day every day forever.

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Underarm laser hair removal.

One of the most popular permanent laser hair removal procedures performed at Laser Clinic Sar. You'll love the idea of never having to shave unwanted under arm hair ever again or have to deal with ingrown hairs, razor burns, and irritation  Underarm laser hair removal is quick and easy and you’ll be on your way to silky smooth skin in just minutes!

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Facial laser hair removal.

Facial hair can be an unnecessary source of contant work or embarrassment for woman. Few woman want unsightly hair anywhere on their face, neck or chin on permanent show.

We've had fantastic results for our clients in this area and would love to help you take the hassle out of your life in dealing with any facial hairs.

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Feet/Hands/Nipples Laser Hair Removal

(and any other body areas not detailed - just contact us to request more information for laser hair removal on any other body area).

If you are tired of tweezing hairs on your toes or nipples or have unsightly hairs in any place please get in touch!! As long as there is darker colour in the hair relative to the skin colour we should be able to help you.

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Female Treatments.

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